Company Profile

Sichuan Tianfu Hunt Life Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Hunt LifeTech) is China’s first advanced Medical Chain Group specialized in Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine. Hunt LifeTech was established in September 2021 jointly by the Nigale founding team and global medical industry elites, Its headquarter locates in Chengdu, the capital of the Cosmetic Medical Industry in China.

Guided by the mission of "Endeavor for a Healthy Life and Prosper for Humankind, Hunt LifeTech constantly innovates the field of global Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine. 

Hunt LifeTech initials the concept of comprehensive anti-aging from surface to inner body, from structure to function, from physiology to psychology. 

Hunt LifeTech utilizes cell technology, factor technology, and other advanced technologies to improve and enhance the methods and means of Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine. Focusing on specialized, fined, peculiar, new technologies, it attaches great attention to pain rehabilitation, regenerative cosmetic medicine, cell accumulation and application, private health management and, other quality medical and healthcare services. It cooperates with global top service planning agencies to create a service model with Hunt LifeTech’s characteristics, bringing vitality, rejuvenation, beauty, and happiness to Hunt’s customers.

Led by global elites in regenerative and anti-aging medicine, Hunt LifeTech has an excellent team for its scientific medical research and medical technology, consisting of high-quality talented persons in various disciplines and professions such as preventive medicine, regenerative medicine, rehabilitation medicine, anti-aging medicine, nutriology, sports medicine, psychology, nursing, functional medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

Hunt LifeTech takes the duty of “dedication to blessing, longevity, prosperity, serendipity” and endeavor to be a global leader in regenerative and anti-aging medicine.

Company Culture

Our Mission

Strive for human health and longevity

Our Vision

Become a global renewable medical anti-aging leader

Core Value

Rigorous, Scientific, Kind, Straight

Our Training

Persistence of medical care, Noble products, Superb medical skills, Rigorous learning style

Core Team

Hunter Liu
Founder and Chairman of Hunt LifeTech
Tang Guomin
President of Hunt LifeTech, Chief Physician, and Secondary Expert
Yang Ming Chia
Vice President of Hunt LifeTech, MD, Senior Researcher
Li Lingxin
Vice President of Hunt LifeTech, MD, Deputy Chief Physician of West China Hospital