Hunter Liu
Founder and Chairman of Hunt LifeTech

刘仁明 Liu RenMing

Mr. Liu Renming, Han nationality, 59 years old, member of the Communist Party of China, Deputy Chief Physician with a graduate degree, is the founder of Hunt LifeTech and the current chairman of Sichuan Nigale Biomedical Co., Ltd.; He has successively served as the vice president of Anyue Xinglong District Hospital and the Chief of Student Section of Sichuan Health School. He has presided over many research and development projects: plasma separator, blood cell separator, etc., and obtained multiple patents. The plasma separator and blood cell separator projects have been awarded the Third Prize of Science and Technology Progress in Sichuan Province, the Excellence Award of Technological Innovation Project in Sichuan Province, and the Second Prize of Outstanding New Products in Sichuan Province, and many products developed by him have made a breakout in the domestic field. 『Advanced Worker in Sichuan Province』rated him. With a compound background in medicine, administration, and enterprise management, full awareness of innovation, rich management experience, and outstanding management ability and decision-making ability, he obtained the qualification of 'Senior Management Talent in Sichuan Province' and is one of the founders of Nigale and Hunt LifeTech.