The first world beauty anti-aging conference · Hunt Medical satellite will be successfully closed!

The meeting is full of people, and the number of views of the online meeting has exceeded 12,000!

At 10:30 on October 24, 2021, on the stage of the world beauty and anti-aging conference, Mr. Liu Renming, Chairman Hunting, invited government, banks, and CEO, China and European businesses and consumers to participate in this meeting. The meeting is full of people, and the number of participants in the online meeting exceeds 12,000. South Galr's first battle in the world beauty and anti-aging conference, gains a lot!

The Director of the General Hospital of the Southern Avenue, launched academic exchanges and discussions on the 'concentrated platelets and beauty resistance'.


Director Cheng Wei said that with the increase in the expected life of global population, people have begun to pay close attention and actively find aging interventions and regeneration methods.

Skin aging is the most direct performance of the human body. In the field of skin aging, in addition to traditional surgical treatment methods, patients have higher demand for minimally invasive anti-aging. And the concentrated platelet, EP) has a more excellent effect on skin anti-aging and hearing.

Director Cheng Wei detail the use and advantage of concentrated platelets, the treatment and dose of PRP in the clinic. By comparison before and after treatment, there is a good effect, and the PRP is most excellent in tissue fillers, embedding and hair treatment, etc., the effect is very significant.


During the meeting, the academic atmosphere was rich, and the director of Cheng Wei lectured and humorous and pulled out. The meeting is full of seat.

Director Zhao Shu Ming, the International General Hospital, was very recognized by South Gal equipment, which highly recommended PRP for clinical treatment using South Gorrhid Ingredients.

We have reason to believe Hunt medical treatment, tomorrow is better!