"Sino-European Health Lecture Hall - Entrepreneur's Health Management" lecture

In November 2021, the Sino-European Business School hosted, the Ministry of China and European Alumni relations, the 'Sino-European Health Lecture Hall-Entrepreneur's Health Management' lectures supported by Sichuan Tianfu Hall - Entrepreneurship, held in the Petrooli Hall, China and Europe. The meeting invited the president of the Chief of the Ministry of Health of the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China, and Mr. Yin Daxi, a lifelong honorary president, dedicated a wonderful speech in the Chinese and European Business School.


Yin Minister as a health medicine, the practitioners of health management, the encouraging of Hunter medical anti-aging, emphasized in lectures: Managing their own health is to protect their own business and wealth.

In 1996, the State Council of China Party Central Committee held a national health conference with the name of the Central and State Council. The focus of the meeting is a health issue around 900 million farmers. In 2021, the China Party Central Committee rapidly promoted the social process of my country's medical undertakings. It is now focusing on the health problems of urban residents and entrepreneurs. Among them, entrepreneurship groups as national tremendous wealth, if their health is not well managed, is the loss of the country! So how to spread health medicine knowledge foundations into society and the people. This is the most concerned social issue in the country, and the universal minister is still continuing. The health problems of entrepreneurs are the 'heart disease' of Yin Minister.

Yin Minister emphasized that the 2019 lactus case is 8.6 billion / time, and 80% of medical expenses in his life are used in the stage of hospice rescue. 'I only got' only, 'this topic is inevitably sad! Therefore, prevention and treatment is a need for key attention to and overcome.

Therefore, the sub-health is very important, and it is necessary to change the concept of disease-centered ideas to health-centered, health-oriented is to prevention. According to statistics, prevention and treatment titers are 1: 9. Health is a responsibility. Anyone who is paying attention to health is a responsible person, so he is the first responsible person of its own health.

However, physical health and health is important, while paying attention to physical health, it should pay more attention to mental health. 'Heart God', joy and happiness, the heart will make a powerful force, and a good heart can enhance your immunity. Mental health can promote people's comprehensive development, health psychology is the basic requirements of people's comprehensive development, and it is also an important condition for the intelligence level in work, actively engaged in social activities, and constantly developing higher-level development.

As a healthy actor, advocate, advocate the health of the people, advocate the health rules of the whole people, once again emphasized the contribution of Hunter Medical 'Deacon Fushou Corning' for the society! Huntharming Medical Renewable Medicine Cell Engineering Anti-aging + Entrepreneur Health Lifestyle = Valuable Wealth accumulated in society!

Finally, keep your physical and mental health must do the following.

1. Reasonable diet (most important reason)

2. Samples of exercise

3. Quit smoking

4. Psychological balance

5. Control grease, salt, sugar intake