Hunt Medical gave birth to my mysterious people?

Recently, Huntao has a blessing of a mysterious figure. He sincerely wishes Hunter's medical treatment, recognition of Huntao medical treatment, rescue, and focuses on anti-aging, health concept, and also touches Hunter Medical for human health career.


So who is he? I believe that the smart little partner has guessed, he is Mr. Yin Daxi, the former deputy minister of the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China, Chief Expert of Health Education of the Ministry of Health, and the Chinese Medical Association for lifetime.

In 2021, it was an extraordinary year. Hunt medical treatment was not afraid of tough sail, insisting on regenerative medicine anti-aging as the core, using PRP and TPE '3 + 1' technique to reach the anti-failure. By autologous stem cell serum treatment combined plasma displacement, and O3 autologous treatment, cellular activation, blood circulation, recovery fatigue, soothe, so asynchronous.

Here, Hunthard is grateful to Mr. Yin Daxi. We will continue to work hard! I also wish Mr. Yin Duki's body health and rejuvenation. Let us meet the 1022 Heate Medical Center, with you to spend medical anti-fall, look forward to healthy future.